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When did you first become aware of money? Was it when your parents first gave you an allowance? When your parents argued about how they were going to pay for something? When you lost your first baby tooth and had a visit from the Tooth Fairy?

In fact, if you really think about it, you grew up in a world of money. There were coins that you found fascinating. Paper money that you used to purchase some of those fascinating coins. The check you got when you had a summer job.

Money nowadays comes in a variety of forms, but what was it like in the gestation years of America? If you had been born in the middle of the 18th century, what money would you have found?

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Merhabalar ben Fatih. Sizler için meslekler hakkında bilgi veriyorum. Hangi mesleğin maaşı ne kadar ? Nasıl o meslek grubuna tabi olursunuz ? Ataması varmı veya nasıl olunur vs.vs.

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